Players – P

Below is a list of all the people with a surname starting with the letter P who have represented Glamorgan in 1st XI cricket since the Club’s elevation into the County Championship in 1921.

Click on each name to read a biographical feature about the player, besides seeing photographs of them and browsing a statistical summary of their career with the Welsh county.

Parkhouse, Richard  (1939)           

Parkhouse, Gilbert (1948-64)   

Parkin, Owen  (1994-03)

Parnell, Wayne (2015)  

Patel, Ajaz (2022) 

Patel, Samit  (2019)         

Pauline, Duncan  (1986) 

Pearce, Sam (2021)   

Pearson, Cecil  (1922)         

Peng, Nicky  (2006-07)           

Penrhyn Jones, Dewi  (2014-16)   

Perkins, Lionel (1925-33)   

Perry, Neil (1979-81)  

Petersen, Alviro (2011)    

Phelps, Stuart (1993-94)     

Pinch, Frank  (1921-26)    

Pitchford, Len (1935)          

Pleass, Jim (1947-56)  

Podmore, Harry (2016-17)                 

Pook, Robert  (1990)       

Porter, Arthur  (1936-49) 

Powell, Mike (1997-11) 

Powell , Tyrone (1976)       

Preece, Trevor (1923)       

Pressdee, Jim (1949-65) 

Price, Mark (1984-85)