Players – E

Below is a list of all the people with a surname starting with the letter E who have represented Glamorgan in 1st XI cricket since the Club’s elevation into the County Championship in 1921.

Click on each name to read a biographical feature about the player, besides seeing photographs of them and browsing a statistical summary of their career with the Welsh county.

Eaglestone, Jimmy (1948-49)             

Edrich , Brian (1954-56)              

Edwards, Aubrey (1947)                      

Edwards, Gareth (1997)                        

Ellis, Geoff  (1970-76)                

Elliott, Matthew  (2000-2007)   

Emery, Bill  (1922)                    

Evans, Alun  (1996- 01)             

Evans, Brian (1958-63)              

Evans, David (1956-69)                

Evans, Gwynn  (1939)                    

Evans, Herbie  (1922)                    

Evans, Tal  (1934)                      

Every, Trevor  (1929-34)