Players – G

Below is a list of all the people with a surname starting with the letter G who have represented Glamorgan in 1st XI cricket since the Club’s elevation into the County Championship in 1921.

Click on each name to read a biographical feature about the player, besides seeing photographs of them and browsing a statistical summary of their career with the Welsh county.

Gabe-Jones, Royston (1922)          

Ganguly, Sourav (2005)         

Gatehouse, Peter (1957-62)     

Geary, Fred  (1923)           

Gemmill, Willie (1921-26)     

Gibbs, Herschelle  (2009)         

Gibson, Ottis  (1994-96)     

Gill, Shubman (2022)

Gillespie, Jason (2008)       

Glover, John  (2011-14)              

Glover, Ted  (1932-38)     

Good, Dennis  (1947)     

Goodwin, Murray  (2013-14)  

Gorvin, Andy (2021-)              

Grant, Richard  (2005-08)     

Green, Russell  (1984)        

Griffiths, Hugh (1946-48)   

Gwynne , Pugsley   (1922-23)