Cardiff CC secure a permanent home

During 1867 the Bute Estate, who owned the Cardiff Arms and the Park at its rear came to an agreement with Cardiff CC whereby the cricket club could have a permanent and secure home in the heart of the expanding coal metropolis.

One of the people responsible for persuading the young Marquess of Bute to support healthy recreation was Frank Stacey, a young solicitor and a man who had acted as the Marquess’ tutor. Stacey was the son of the vicar of St. John’s Church and had played for Cambridge University and various South Wales teams during the 1850s and 1860s.

Through Stacey’s influence, the Marquess agreed to the creation of a pavilion adjacent to Cardiff CC’s ground, allowing the gentlemen members to hang up their jackets prior to taking part in cricketing activities. The wooden structure however had a design more akin to an Alpine chalet and, as such, was known as the Swiss Cottage!

Cardiff’s cricketers stand in front of the wooden pavilion. Photo Credit – Glamorgan Cricket Archives.

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