Players – F

Below is a list of all the people with a surname starting with the letter F who have represented Glamorgan in 1st XI cricket since the Club’s formation in 1888.

Click on each name to read a biographical feature about the player, besides seeing photographs of them and browsing a statistical summary of their career with the Welsh county.

Fakhar Zaman (2019)

Farr, Charles (1892)

Featherstone, Norman (1980-81)    

Fletcher, Cam (2023) 

Fletcher, Ted (1906)

Follett, George (1943)

Foster, Darren (1991-92)     

Francis, Arthur (1973-84)

Francis, Kenny (1973)   

Franklin, James  (2006)         

Fredericks, Roy (1971-73)  

Freethy, Albert (1908-21)   

Friend, Harry (2022 – )     

Frost, Mark  (1990-93)  

Fry, Mel (1945)