Players – B

Below is a list of all the people with a surname starting with the letter B who have represented Glamorgan in 1st XI cricket since the Club’s elevation into the County Championship in 1921.

Click on each name to read a biographical feature about the player, besides seeing photographs of them and browsing a statistical summary of their career with the Welsh county.

Balbirnie, Andrew (2020)

Bancroft, Jack  (1922)       

Barwick, Steve (1981-96) 

Base, Simon  (1986-87)

Bastien, Steve (1988-94)

Bates, Eddie (1921-31)

Baxter, Herbie (1921)     

Bell, John  (1924-31)

Bishop, Jamie  (1992)      

Blackmore, David  (1934)     

Boon, Ronnie  (1931-32)

Bowen, Elfyn (1928-33)              

Bragg, Will  (2007-18)

Brain, Pat  (1921-28)  

Brain, Michael  (1930)         

Brathwaite, Kraigg  (2019)          

Brierley, Tom (1931-39) 

Brown, Connor  (2017-2018)               

Brown, David (2010)         

Bull, Kieran  (2014-2020)     

Burnett, Tolly  (1958)       

Burns, Joe (2018)

Butcher, Alan (1987-92) 

Butcher, Gary (1994-98) 

Byrom, Eddie (2021-)