Progressive partnerships in first-class cricket against Glamorgan

First Wicket

221 P Holmes and H Sutcliffe for Yorkshire at Huddersfield, 1925
235 P Holmes and H Sutcliffe for Yorkshire at Sheffield (Bramall Lane), 1930
250 RA Sinfield and CJ Barnett for Gloucestershire at Cardiff Arms Park, 1935
256 DJ McGlew and TL Goddard for South Africans at Cardiff Arms Park, 1960
335 B Dudleston and JF Steele for Leicestershire at Leicester (Grace Road), 1975
362 MD Moxon and MP Vaughan for Yorkshire at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, 1996

Second Wicket

233 AG Dipper and H Smith for Gloucestershire at Swansea, 1921
251 JCW MacBryan and A Young for Somerset at Taunton, 1923
331* WK Harbinson and EJ Killick for Cambridge University at Fenner’s, 1929
344 A Sandham and RJ Gregory for Surrey at The Oval, 1937

Third Wicket

228 LG Crawley and AC Russell for Essex at Swansea, 1928
323* H Sutcliffe and M Leyland for Yorkshire at Huddersfield, 1928
362* Saeed Anwar and Inzamam-ul-Haq for Pakistanis at Pontypridd, 1996
501 AN Petersen and AG Prince for Lancashire at Colwyn Bay, 2015

Fourth Wicket

166 EH Bowley and FD Jenner for Sussex at Cardiff Arms Park, 1921
315 WG Quaife and JH Parsons for Warwickshire at Edgbaston, 1927
318 JD Libby and BL D’Oliveira for Worcestershire at Worcester, 2020

Fifth Wicket

165 E Oldroyd and W Rhodes for Yorkshire at Headingley, 1922
183 A Sandham and RJ Gregory for Surrey at Cardiff Arms Park, 1928
214 WR Hammond and JF Crapp for Gloucestershire at Rodney Parade, Newport, 1939
335 BF Butcher and CH Lloyd for West Indians at Swansea, 1969
401 MB Loye and D Ripley for Northamptonshire at Northampton, 1998

Sixth Wicket

198 G Brown and WR Shirley for Hampshire at Southampton, 1922
216 WG Quaife and LTA Bates for Warwickshire at Edgbaston, 1924
276 M Leyland and EP Robinson for Yorkshire at Swansea, 1926

Seventh Wicket

150 J Newman and PE Lawrie for Hampshire at Southampton, 1921
182 D Bennett and JT Murray for Middlesex at Lord’s, 1961

Eighth Wicket

68 WW Armstrong and J Ryder for Australians at Swansea, 1921
162 CP Mead and WK Pearce for Hampshire at Southampton, 1923
192 S Turner and RNS Hobbs for Essex at Ilford, 1968

Ninth Wicket

105 F Pearson and CB Ponsonby for Worcestershire at Swansea, 1921
120 B Lilley and H Larwood for Nottinghamshire at Cardiff Arms Park, 1928
137* JW Hearne and EA Wilson for Middlesex at Cardiff Arms Park, 1932
161 GJ Whittaker and WS Surridge for Surrey at The Oval, 1951
166 DI Stevens and ML Cummins for Kent at Canterbury, 2021

Tenth Wicket

59* JH King and W Benskin for Leicestershire at Swansea, 1923
148 B Bellamy and V Murdin for Northamptonshire at Northampton, 1925