The first known reference to cricket being played in Penarth dates from 1851.

The club’s earliest games took place on Llandough Moors. This was not an ideal location as at high tide, the Severn Estuary spilled over onto the turf. Indeed, the Cardiff Times for July 29th 1864 reported on a game between Penarth and Roath when, in the words of the reporter “the parties were obliged to part earlier than they intended as the tide, which was very high, took possession of their ground.”

In order for spectators to attend games, vessels ran across the mouth of the Ely river to the Llandough Moors. Indeed, in May 1861 a match took place between the Penarth Dock side and the Cambrian club from Cardiff, with an advert in the Cardiff Times for May 17th stating that “a steamer will run to-and-fro during the day allowing people to attend the matches on the Moors.”

Below is a listing of the first known reference in newspapers to cricket being played by other teams based in Penarth during the 19th century.

All Saints 1895
Boat Club 1881
Boys 1880

Catholic School 1892
College 1891
Crescent 1892
Dock 1880
Guildford 1897
Harlequins 1893
Institute of Good Templars 1884
Intermediate School 1897
Juniors 1888
Lodge 1891
Parish Church 1896
Presbyterians 1891
School / County School 1886
Star 1880
Thistles 1895
TVR 1880
United 1891
Visitors 1875
Wednesdays 1893
Windsor 1874
Windsor Stars 1898

Pupils from Penarth College plus their teacher, as seen during the 1910s. Credit – Glamorgan Cricket Archives.