Record Partnerships in T20 cricket

For Glamorgan

1st wicket – 150 by SA Northeast and DL Lloyd v Middlesex at Sophia Gardens, 2022
2nd wicket – 141 by JA Rudolph and CA Ingram v Surrey at The Oval, 2015
3rd wicket – 130 by CA Ingram and JA Rudolph v Sussex at Arundel, 2017
4th wicket – 83 by CA Ingram and CB Cooke v Essex at Chelmsford, 2017
5th wicket – 106* by DL Hemp and JEC Franklin v Warwickshire at Edgbaston, 2006
6th wicket – 95* by WT Root and DA Douthwaite v Kent at Canterbury, 2022
7the wicket – 88 by DA Douthwaite and WJ Weighell v Middlesex at Radlett, 2021
8th wicket – 63* by GG Wagg and RAJ Smith v Essex at Sophia Gardens, 2018
9th wicket – 61* by CB Cooke and T van der Gugten v Essex at Chelmsford, 2018
10th wicket – 38* by RDB Croft and DA Cosker v Gloucestershire at Bristol, 2005

Against Glamorgan

1st wicket – 144 by LJ Wright and PD Salt for Sussex at Sophia Gardens, 2021
2nd wicket – 149 by GA Hick and BF Smith for Worcestershire at Worcester, 2005
3rd wicket – 130 by GD Phillips and BAC Howell for Gloucestershire at Bristol, 2021
4th wicket – 110* by Babar Azam and LP Goldsworthy for Somerset at Sophia Gardens, 2020
5th wicket – 73 by DI Stevens and SW Billings for Kent at Sophia Gardens, 2014
6th wicket – 74* by TLW Cooper and L Gregory for Somerset at Sophia Gardens, 2015
7th wicket – 46* by Z de Bruyn and BJ Phillips for Somerset at Sophia Gardens, 2009
8th wicket – 68 by MW Alleyne and J Lewis for Gloucestershire at Sophia Gardens, 2005
9th wicket – 34 by Kabir Ali and DJ Pipe for Worcestershire at Worcester, 2004
10th wicket – 55 by J Lewis and SP Kirby for Gloucestershire at Sophia Gardens, 2009