Below is a listing of the first known reference in newspapers to cricket being played by teams starting with the letter F in various settlements in Wales during the 19th century.

Felinfoel 1874
Ferndale 1884
Ferndale Wesleyans 1888
Ferryside 1850
Ferryside and Cardigan 1869
Ffestiniog County School 1897
Ffynone 1869
Ffynone School 1881
Fishguard 1860
Fishguard and Pembroke Railway 1896
Fishguard National School 1879
Fleur-de-Lis 1872
Flint 1886
Fochriw 1880
Freemasons of South Wales 1858
Friars School (Bangor) 1873

The 1st XI of Friars School, Bangor in 1920.
Credit – Glamorgan Cricket Archives.