The first known reference to cricket being played in Carmarthen dates from 1828. Below is a listing of the first known reference in newspapers to cricket being played by other teams based in Carmarthen during the 19th century.

Asylum 1867

Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway Engineers 1864

Carmarthen Caxton (Printers) 1861
Drapers 1886

Endowed Schools 1857
Grammar School 1864
Joint Counties Asylum 1860
Mechanics 1857
Merchants 1857

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School 1889
Shop Assistants 1872

Social Club 1897
St Peters 1869
Training College (Trinity College) 1856
Victoria 1873

Wanderers 1893
Zingari 1852

Trinity College, Carmarthen 1910-11.
Credit – Glamorgan Cricket Archives