The first known reference to cricket being played in Aberystwyth  dates from 1830. Below is a listing of the first known reference in newspapers to cricket being played by other teams based in Aberystwyth during the 19th century.

Ardwyn School 1879
Cambrian News 1888
Ceredigion 1866
Congregational United 1897
Conservative Club 1889
County School 1897
Holy Trinity Church 1888
Hospital 1887
Jasper House School 1882
Penbrynglas 1892

St. James’ College 1889
St. Michael’s Church 1888
United Schools 1893
University 1852
University College 1885
Visitors 1842
Quidnuncs 1870
Young Men’s Institute 1895

Aberystwyth University 1st XI, as seen in 1910.
Credit – Glamorgan Cricket Archives.